**San Diego company creates afterschool and weekend camps to learn and experience the world of Python coding, robotics, artificial intelligence & more**

San Diego, Calif. (Mar. 8, 2021) – Robolink invites beginner, intermediate, and experienced learners – in grades 2-12 – to discover skills in coding, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and more. With an ideal balance of fun and learning, children find a passion for education outside of school.

Robolink virtual camps and after-school programs create projects and activities designed for individual and group work with personal attention from an instructor. Finding friends along the way, students work together virtually to learn new skills. Robolink’s camps are designed to provide children with fun resources to discover their own passions from within their homes.

Recommended camp activities include:

  • Game Development – program a flappy bird-style game or create a platform game in Python
  • Robotics – castle crash or clean up the coral reef with a virtual VEX IQ
  • Drone Programming – learn coding with Robolink’s CoDrone Mini in Blockly or Python
  • Artificial Intelligence – learn how artificial intelligence is used in game design

Robolink’s camps are engaging for both students and parents, as they provide ways for parents to keep track of their child’s progress. The parent portal links educators to parents, providing class details and private information on student’s achievements. Feedback reports include the child’s progress during the camps and updates on their learning.

Children are taught by Robolink certified instructors, who have successfully gone through an extensive training program. Trained to engage students with methods that aid children to retain long-term knowledge, instructors are placed with students where they are best suited to engage their skills and interests.

To register and learn more about the virtual camps, visit: https://shop.robolink.com/pages/stay-at-home-camps.

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About Robolink:

Robolink was established in 2012 in San Diego, California to encourage students to engage with STEM. We make fun and approachable robotics kits that teach coding and engineering in a way that’s exciting to children and teens. 

The world is becoming more technology-driven, so it’s increasingly important that we cultivate the next generation of innovators and inventors and make technology accessible to all. With our learning centers in San Diego, and schools all over the country and internationally, we teach AI (artificial intelligence), coding, and engineering, while working with amazing teachers all over the world.