**Encinitas farm hosts virtual film screening and panel discussion, Wednesday, Dec. 2 at 4pm**

Encinitas, Calif. (Nov. 17, 2020) – Coastal Roots Farm, a nonprofit Jewish community farm and education center in Encinitas, Calif., is set to host a film screening and panel discussion of its new film “With Heart and Soil, Nourishing Community from the Ground Up.” The 12-min documentary style film will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 2 from 4-5pm, and will showcase and discuss the regenerative farming techniques and overall philosophy of the Farm.

At Coastal Roots Farm, farmers prioritize techniques that build and maintain soil and sequester carbon, not just to grow great food, but also to contribute toward a solution for the larger problem of climate change.

“We take to heart that people rely on us not just for food, but to be fed by opportunities to connect and learn,” said Kesha Spoor, Director of Philanthropy, Program Strategy, and Communications. “We are proud to be a part of what is a much larger global movement for environmental sustainability. This is our humble contribution to a larger food system in need of much repair.”

On the heels of Giving Tuesday (this year on Dec. 1, 2020), the film screening will be followed by a panel discussion with: Adam McCurdy, Director of Farm Production; Ellie Honan, Farm Production Manager; Ricardo Lopez, Vegetable Production Coordinator; and Megan Freeman, Education Manager of School and Group Visits. The program will be moderated by KUSI-TV’s Ginger Jeffries.

To register or learn more, visit https://coastalrootsfarm.org/event/with-heart-and-soil/.

Coastal Roots Farm is located at 441 Saxony Road in Encinitas. Visit www.coastalrootsfarm.org for more information.

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About Coastal Roots Farm:

Coastal Roots Farm is a nonprofit Jewish community farm and education center in Encinitas, Calif. where we practice organic farming, share our harvest with those who lack access, deliver unique farm-based educational programs, and foster inclusive spaces for people of all backgrounds to come together to connect, learn, and celebrate in ways that catalyze a more vibrant community.   

Farm programs are designed to meaningfully benefit the land and the community, from improving the fertility of the Farm’s soil and supporting biodiverse ecosystems, to making sure low-income families have equal and dignified access to fresh, nutrient-dense foods, and providing quality educational opportunities, we seek to foster a healthier community and a more sustainable environmental future for our region.